Andrew March

Yale political scientist Andrew March has a long history as an apologist of Islamism, so it's no surprise that he would oppose efforts to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a Foreign Terrorist Organiztion. Writing for Campus Watch at the Daily Caller, Mitchell Bard exposes the danger behind March's efforts:

In a novel approach to defending terrorists, Yale University political professor Andrew March argues that the U.S. should not designate the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) as a terrorist organization because it could subject researchers to prosecution for providing material support for a terrorist organization. In March's bizarre logic, terrorists should not be labeled as such to avoid the possibility that a scholar might be falsely charged with helping them.

Journalists and scholars have routinely interviewed terrorists without any legal repercussions; March has nothing to worry about if his interests are strictly academic. He fears that "any NGO, think tank or charity organization with any link to the broad Islamist movement" will be deemed illegal. Yet that is how it should be: because Islamists, by definition, are violent radicals, support for them would indeed be providing material support for terrorists.

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