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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Israel-Hating Faculty Train Diplomats at Georgetown [incl. John Esposito, Jonathan Brown, Nader Hashemi] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) April 3, 2024
Qatar's Back Door to Higher Education [incl. Laurie Brand, Hamid Dabashi] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) February 14, 2024
The New York Times and the PLO are Made for Each Other [incl. Rashid Khalidi] JNS (Jewish News Syndicate) January 16, 2023
Academic Israel-Haters Throw a Fit Over Israel Studies Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) October 6, 2022
Palestinians Don't Honor or Respect Human Rights [incl. MESA] The Algemeiner March 26, 2020
Losing the Semantic War on 'Palestine' [incl. Middle East Studies Association] The Algemeiner December 5, 2019
Still Looking for Israel at Harvard Jerusalem Post June 30, 2016
Academic Foxes Guarding the Henhouse [incl. Joseph Massad, Jasbir Puar] The Jerusalem Post February 11, 2016
Faculty and BDS The Jerusalem Post October 26, 2015
Looking for Israel at Harvard [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post October 16, 2015
BDS Money Trail Suggests Opaque Funding Network [incl. As'ad AbuKhalil] The Jewish Week October 14, 2015
Academic Freedom vs. Academic Malpractice [incl. Tariq Ramadan, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Steven Salaita] The Jerusalem Post June 10, 2015
Something Is Rotten in UCLA's Center for Near East Studies [incl. James Gelvin, Richard Falk, Sondra Hale] FrontPage Magazine December 19, 2014
The Arab Lobby Exposes Seventy Years of Coercion By Saudi Arabia News Blaze October 10, 2010
The Academic Year in Review: Part 2 - The Bad News Blog of The Jerusalem Post June 16, 2010
Classroom Battlegrounds: A New War on Campus? The Jerusalem Post Blog March 22, 2009
Israel Studies Grows on Campus inFocus (Jewish Policy Center) Winter 2008
The Israeli Lobby Fantasy: A Book Review [incl. MESA, Juan Cole] Spero News December 12, 2008
Introducing Israel Studies in U.S. Universities [incl. Kenneth Stein, John Esposito, and Rashid Khalidi] JCPA Institute for Global Jewish Affairs December 15, 2008
Classroom Battlegrounds: Good News from American Campuses [incl. Bernard Lewis, Fouad Ajami, ASMEA, MESA, et al.] The Jerusalem Post Blog July 23, 2008
A progress report on the war on campus Israel Insider June 20, 2004
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Middle East Studies Professors Back Antisemitic BDS Campaign [incl. Beth Baron, Richard Bulliet, Judith Butler, MESA] The Algemeiner November 15, 2016
Middle East Studies Profs Back Anti-Semitic BDS Campaign [incl. MESA] The Jerusalem Post November 3, 2016
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
U.S. Universities Lap Up Donations from Radical Palestinians The American Spectator November 28, 2020
In Whitewashing Islamism, K-12 Programs Advance Jihad The Daily Wire September 30, 2019
Scholars at UPenn Condemn U.S.-Israel Friendship American Spectator October 31, 2018
Middle East Studies Association (as Usual) Singles Out Israel for Attack, Excuses Palestinian Perfidy The Algemeiner January 3, 2018
Middle East Studies Association Panel Reserves Outrage Only for Israel The Algemeiner December 21, 2017
Taxpayer-Funded Bias on Middle East Invades K-12 Classrooms The Algemeiner November 8, 2017
Yale Professor Andrew March: Legal Protections for Advocates of Terror The Daily Caller February 7, 2017
Moonlighting: Non-Specialists in the News
Title Publication Date
Ending University Tolerance of Antisemitism [incl. Jasbir Puar] The Algemeiner November 13, 2018