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Middle East Studies in the News
Title Publication Date
Subsidizing Anti-American Bias FrontPage Magazine July 17, 2003
Esposito: Apologist for Militant Islam FrontPage Magazine September 3, 2002
Campus Watch in the Media
Title Publication Date
Campus Watch: Professors Agitate Against Middle East Peace Campus Watch.org December 13, 2003
Campus Watch Research
Title Publication Date
Islamists, Apologists, and Fellow Travelers: Middle East Studies Faculty at Georgetown University December 4, 2017
Columbia U. Investigating Bias and Intimidation in Middle East studies Campus Watch.org April 16, 2004
Campus Watch Announces: A List of Recommended Middle East Scholars Campus Watch.org January 20, 2004
Campus Watch Attacked in AAUP Report Campus Watch November 28, 2003
Correspondence between Campus Watch and the University of Michigan Campus Watch October 20, 2003
Campus Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
This Week at Campus Watch Campus Watch Blog March 23, 2017
Campus Watch on Facebook Campus Watch Blog January 26, 2012