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Silicon Valley seems to be censoring those it finds politically unpalatable.

PHILADELPHIA – February 19, 2018 – The Middle East Forum (MEF) is extremely concerned by the growing level of censorship by tech companies against those whom Silicon Valley finds politically unpalatable. Examples we have recently come across even include the suppression of anti-Islamist information published by moderate Muslim activists.

We have previously written about Google's work with the NYT, Guardian and Wikipedia to automate censorship of "offensive" content. YouTube and Google are now following Twitter's practice of "shadow-banning" – hiding or down-ranking content that tech companies find politically unpalatable. And many of you will have come across examples of Facebook deleting posts or suspending accounts.

Has this issue affected you or someone you know? MEF is looking for your help. We are collecting instances of censorship by tech companies – especially when it relates to anti-Islamist content. Any examples and information you can send us are extremely useful. If you have screenshots or other evidence, that is best; but we are also happy to hear anecdotal evidence.

Please note: if the information that was censored actually incited violence, then we are not interested. Instead, we want to see examples of unreasonable censorship. Also please note that we may make public any examples as part of an eventual report.

Help us document this disturbing trend.

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