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Title Publication Author Date
The Turkish Referendum: A Turning Point? BESA Center Perspectives Efraim Inbar April 20, 2017
Turks Vote to Give Away Their Democracy The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil April 18, 2017
Turkey's Democracy Deficit The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil August 11, 2016
Erdoğan's One-Man Islamist Show Middle East Quarterly Burak Bekdil Spring 2016
Tunisia's Fragile Post-Revolutionary Order Middle East Quarterly Daniel Zisenwine Winter 2016
Turkey's Stockholm Syndrome The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil November 8, 2015
What Turkey's Elections Will NOT Change The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil October 29, 2015
Erdoğan Leads Turkey to the Precipice The Australian Daniel Pipes October 17, 2015
The Turkish Press's New Normal The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil October 4, 2015
Turkey's Thaw with Israel Could Be Short-Lived The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil September 21, 2015
Turkey: Hope and Fear The Huffington Post Stephen Schwartz and Veli Sirin June 23, 2015
Post-Election Turkey: Now What? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil June 11, 2015
An End to the 'Era of Oppression' in Turkey? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil June 8, 2015
Turkey's Unimportant Election The Washington Times Daniel Pipes June 5, 2015
Will Turkey Go the Way of Weimar Germany? The Gatestone Institute Burak Bekdil May 2, 2015
Erdoğan's Western Enablers Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil February 18, 2015
Why a 'Turkish Tsipras' is an Oxymoron Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil January 30, 2015
Legitimate and Illegitimate Dictators Hürriyet Daily News Burak Bekdil November 26, 2014
What Egypt's President Sisi Really Thinks Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Fall 2014
The Forgotten Secular Turkish Model Middle East Quarterly H. Akın Ünver Winter 2013
Better Dictators than Elected Islamists The Washington Times Daniel Pipes December 11, 2012
Muslim Brotherhood 'Democracy' Investigative Project on Terrorism Raymond Ibrahim July 9, 2012
Egyptian Election: Islamist Victory or Deceptive Strategy? Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim June 19, 2012
Moderate Indonesia? The American Spectator Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi June 6, 2012
Are Iraq and Turkey Models for Democratization? Middle East Quarterly Ofra Bengio Summer 2012
Voting in Egypt as 'Holy War' Gatestone Institute Raymond Ibrahim May 22, 2012
Jihad: When Elections Fail Jihad Watch Raymond Ibrahim January 26, 2012
Is an Egyptian "Democracy" a Good Thing? Hudson New York Raymond Ibrahim February 16, 2011
Anoush Ehteshami and Democracy in Egypt The Economist Daniel Pipes February 8, 2011
Islam and Democracy - Much Hard Work Needed National Post Daniel Pipes February 7, 2011
Why Egypt Will Not Soon Become Democratic The Economist Daniel Pipes February 4, 2011
Hala Mustafa and the Liberal Arab Predicament Middle East Quarterly David Govrin Spring 2010
'Lawfare' gains ground Washington Times Brooke M. Goldstein and Aaron Eitan Meyer May 19, 2009
Arab Democracy and American Policy MEF Policy Forum Michael Mandelbaum February 25, 2009
The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections American Thinker Raheel Raza November 8, 2008
Turkey: Erdogan, the AKP, and Secularism Euro-Atlantic Quarterly Michael Rubin July 2008
The Case Against Turkey's Ruling Party The American Michael Rubin June 20, 2008
Turkey's Putin Deserves to Go Wall Street Journal Michael Rubin June 6, 2008
Turkish Secularism Is Democratic Middle East Quarterly E. Haldun Solmazturk Summer 2008
The Economics of Democracy in Muslim Countries Middle East Quarterly Saliba Sarsar and David B. Strohmetz Summer 2008
Turkey's Uncertain Future The American Michael Rubin April 30, 2008
A Democratic Islam? Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes April 17, 2008
Turkey and Democracy Euro-Atlantic Quarterly Michael Rubin March 2008
Are Muslim Countries Less Democratic? Middle East Quarterly Frederic L. Pryor Fall 2007
Naser Khader and Flemming Rose: Reflections on the Danish Cartoon Controversy Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Ban Islam? New York Sun Daniel Pipes August 29, 2007
Can There Be an Islamic Democracy? Middle East Quarterly David Bukay Spring 2007
Does Prime Minister Erdoğan Accept Turkish Secularism? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2007
Fight for Mideast democracy faltering Philadelphia Inquirer Michael Rubin July 14, 2006
Debate: "Democracy Is about More Than Elections" Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Quantifying Arab Democracy Middle East Quarterly Saliba Sarsar Summer 2006
Democratize but Stabilize Middle East Quarterly Roberto Menotti Summer 2006
Will U.S. Democratization Policy Work? Middle East Quarterly Lorne Craner Summer 2006
[The Hamas electoral victory:] Democracy's bitter fruit National Post Daniel Pipes January 27, 2006
Don't deal with terrorists USA Today Daniel Pipes January 25, 2006
The Freedom Crusade, Revisited: A Symposium National Interest Daniel Pipes Winter 2005/06
All the Wrong Reasons Private Papers Raymond Ibrahim November 13, 2005
Defending and Advancing Freedom Commentary Daniel Pipes November 2005
Can Hezbollah and Hamas Be Democratic? New York Sun Daniel Pipes March 22, 2005
A Neo-Conservative's Caution New York Sun Daniel Pipes March 8, 2005
Indonesian Democracy vs. Islamist Fundamentalism FrontPageMagazine.com Daniel Mandel August 10, 2004
Is an Iraqi Strongman Emerging? New York Sun Daniel Pipes May 4, 2004
Bush the radical Jerusalem Post Daniel Pipes November 12, 2003
Debate: Islam and Democracy PBS "Wide Angle" Daniel Pipes July 15, 2003
A Strongman for Iraq? New York Post Daniel Pipes April 28, 2003
Want Democracy? Get a King Middle East Quarterly Owen H. Kirby December 2000
Are Today's Islamic Movements Compatible with Democracy? Insight Daniel Pipes August 14, 2000
Can Democracy Prevail? Middle East Quarterly Saliba Sarsar March 2000
There Are No Moderates: Dealing with Fundamentalist Islam National Interest Daniel Pipes Fall 1995
Islam and Democracy: Rejoinder Middle East Quarterly John O. Voll and John L. Esposito December 1994
On Democracy Middle East Quarterly Robert Satloff September 1994
Why Turkey Is the only Muslim Democracy Middle East Quarterly Bernard Lewis March 1994

Blog Posts

Title Publication Author Date
Report: UK Authorities 'Turning a Blind Eye' to Muslim Electoral Fraud Middle East Forum Blog Raheem Kassam August 11, 2016
On Turkey's Fraudulent Election Tomorrow Middle East Forum Blog Daniel Pipes June 6, 2015


Book Title Publication Author Date
Democratic Transitions in the Arab World
by Ibrahim Elbadawi and Samir Makdisi, eds.
Middle East Quarterly Hilal Khashan Fall 2017
Democratization and Authoritarianism in the Arab World.
by Larry Diamond and Marc F. Plattner, eds.
Middle East Quarterly Hilal Khashan Summer 2016
Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan: Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape
by Noah Coburn and Anna Larson
Middle East Quarterly Julie Sirrs and Owen L. Sirrs Winter 2015
The Mobilization of Political Islam in Turkey
by Banu Eligür
Middle East Quarterly Kemal Silay Winter 2012
The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East
by Joshua Muravchik
Middle East Quarterly Stephen Schwartz Winter 2011
The Next Founders: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East
by Joshua Muravchik
Commentary Michael Rubin September 2009
Freedom's Unsteady March: America's Role in Building Arab Democracy
by Tamara Cofman Wittes
Middle East Quarterly Steven J. Rosen Summer 2009
Islam and the Everyday World: Public Policy Dilemmas Middle East Quarterly Khaleel Mohammed Summer 2008
Islam and Democracy in Iran: Eshkevari and the Quest for Reform
by Ziba Mir-Hosseini and Richard Tapper
Middle East Quarterly Patrick Clawson Spring 2008
Iran, Islam, and Democracy: The Politics of Managing Change, 2nd ed.
by Ali M. Ansari
Middle East Quarterly Michael Rubin Spring 2008
The 'West', Islam and Islamism: Is Ideological Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?
by Caroline Cox and John Marks
Middle East Quarterly Peter Riddell Winter 2004
After Jihad: America and the Struggle for Islamic Democracy
by Noah Feldman
Middle East Quarterly Jonathan Schanzer Winter 2004
Rachid Ghannouchi: A Democrat within Islamism
by Azzam S. Tamimi
Middle East Quarterly Martin Kramer Fall 2002
Makers of Contemporary Islam
by John L. Esposito and John O. Voll
Middle East Quarterly Jonathan Schanzer Spring 2002
Legacy of the Prophet: Despots, Democrats, and the New Politics of Islam
by Anthony Shadid
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes Fall 2001
Democratization and the Islamist Challenge in the Arab World
by Najib Ghadbian
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes September 1997
Egypt, Islam and Democracy: Twelve Critical Essays
by Saad Eddin Ibrahim
Middle East Quarterly Daniel Pipes June 1997

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