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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Won't Support Ban on Hezbollah Breitbart July 20, 2016
Steven Salaita Heads to Beirut, While Malcolm Kerr Spins in His Grave Campus Watch July 6, 2015
Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
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Hezbollah, Iran Tout New Strategy: Avoiding Enemy Casualties The Jerusalem Post September 2, 2019
Hezbollah Gambles with 'Retaliation' The Jerusalem Post September 1, 2019
Hezbollah Took Five Days to Hand Over Drones to Lebanon's Army? The Jerusalem Post August 31, 2019
Ten Takeaways from Hassan Nasrallah's Latest Rant The Jerusalem Post July 14, 2019
Why Iran's Cash Crunch Isn't Disabling Hezbollah Yet The Federalist May 24, 2019
Iran's 'Road to the Sea' Exposed on Golan The Jerusalem Post March 13, 2019
Report: Iran Sent Advanced Technology to Improve Hezbollah Rockets Jerusalem Post October 20, 2018
Lebanese Report: Syrian Officials Met with U.S. in June Jerusalem Post August 28, 2018
Hezbollah Wins in Lebanon – Sort Of World Affairs Journal May 15, 2018
Whoever you vote for – Hezbollah Wins Jerusalem Post May 11, 2018
Lebanon's Elections: Hezbollah Triumphant? The Jerusalem Post May 8, 2018
Hollywood Botches Beirut World Affairs Journal April 26, 2018
For Saudi Arabia, All Politics Is Local Stratfor Worldview November 22, 2017
Is Lebanon's Prime Minister a Saudi Hostage? World Affairs Journal November 13, 2017
Hezbollah Consolidates Its Stranglehold Over Lebanon World Affairs Journal November 7, 2017
Israel and Hezbollah: The Battle before the Battle The Jerusalem Post July 14, 2017
The Rise of Katibat Dir' al-Watan: A Journey to the Lebanon-Syria Border Areas The Atlantic Council June 6, 2017
Hezbollah vs. ISIS. vs. Israel The Jerusalem Post December 12, 2016
Turkey's Erdoğan Continues Harsh Repression of Political Opponents The Weekly Standard November 21, 2016
Countering Hezbollah's Horror Weapons Asia Times September 7, 2016
Reflections on the Second Lebanon War, 10 Years On The Jerusalem Post July 12, 2016
Hezbollah Sinking in the Syrian Quagmire The Jerusalem Report June 16, 2016
Lebanizing Syria The Hill April 30, 2016
Shifting Eastern Mediterranean Alliances Middle East Quarterly Spring 2016
Is It Iran's Middle East Now? Fathom Autumn 2015
Why Lebanon's Sunnis Support ISIS Middle East Quarterly Summer 2015
Hizballah Deepens Its Involvement in Syria The Jerusalem Post May 29, 2015
The Greatest Threat in Syria Comes from Iran Israel Hayom February 1, 2015
Game Not Over: Israel's Quneitra Attack in Context The Jerusalem Post January 22, 2015
The Shia-Sunni war Reaches Lebanon The Jerusalem Post October 17, 2014
Israel-Syria border escalation The Jerusalem Post March 21, 2014
The Political Isolation of Lebanese Sunnis Middle East Quarterly Summer 2013
Hezbollah's Plans for Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Spring 2013
Will Syria's Strife Rip Lebanon Apart? Middle East Quarterly Winter 2013
Civil War in Lebanon? The American Spectator October 30, 2012
Palestinian Refugees Languish in Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Fall 2012
Lebanon's Shiite-Maronite Alliance of Hypocrisy Middle East Quarterly Summer 2012
The Pragmatics of Lebanon's Politics Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
The View from Syria and Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Summer 2011
Lebanon's Islamist Stronghold Middle East Quarterly Spring 2011
Saad Hariri's Moment of Truth Middle East Quarterly Winter 2011
Shameless Islamist Doublespeak Rages On Pajamas Media December 24, 2009
The Enduring Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis AEI Middle Eastern Outlook December 2009
Nasrallah's Defeat in the 2006 War Middle East Quarterly Winter 2009
Has Hezbollah's Rise Come at Syria's Expense? Middle East Quarterly Fall 2007
Dubious refugee relief Washington Times June 21, 2007
How Israel Bungled the Second Lebanon War Middle East Quarterly Summer 2007
Al-Manar: Beacon of Hate Tech Central Station August 18, 2006
Strange Logic in the Lebanon War New York Sun August 15, 2006
Hold Damascus Responsible [for Hezbollah Violence in Southern Lebanon] New York Sun August 1, 2006
Arabs Disavow Hizbullah Jerusalem Post July 26, 2006
Israel Has a War to Win Los Angeles Times July 20, 2006
Israel's Unnecessary War New York Sun July 18, 2006
Hezbollah's Strategic Threat to Israel Middle East Quarterly Winter 2006
Lebanon's Tenuous Transformation Aspenia October 2005
Syria after Lebanon: Hooked on Lebanon Middle East Quarterly Fall 2005
Bashar al-Assad's Lebanon Gamble Middle East Quarterly Summer 2005
Lebanon's Liberation Approaches New York Sun February 22, 2005
Where Is Ron Arad? National Review Online March 17, 2004
Hezbollah's Victory, Israel's Decline New York Sun February 3, 2004
Al-Manar: Hizbullah TV, 24/7 Middle East Quarterly Winter 2004
The Return of Hizbullah Middle East Quarterly Fall 2002
[Is Israel] Winning by retreating? New York Post May 22, 2002
[An Israeli] Withdrawal Won't Work Wall Street Journal April 15, 2002
Lebanon: The Intifada's False Premise Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Edward Walker: "Hizbullah Is a Terrorist Organization" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2002
Israel's Lebanon lesson Jerusalem Post May 23, 2001
Is Syria Losing Control of Lebanon? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2001
Lebanon – Independent No More Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Did Israel Betray Its Lebanese Allies? Middle East Quarterly December 2000
"All Syrian Forces Must Leave Lebanon" Middle East Quarterly September 2000
Israel's Security Zone in Lebanon - A Tragedy? Middle East Quarterly September 2000
"We Don't Need Syria in Lebanon" Middle East Quarterly September 2000
A pivotal moment [Israel's Withdrawal from Lebanon] Jerusalem Post June 7, 2000
"We Are Not a Syrian Province" Middle East Quarterly June 2000
Don't leave the SLA dangling in the wind Jerusalem Post April 25, 2000
Lebanon Turns into Israel's Vietnam Wall Street Journal March 10, 1999
Lebanon, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary Middle East Quarterly March 1998
Is There Still a Lebanon? Middle East Quarterly December 1997
Wa'il Kheir: "The Lebanese Are Heroes" Middle East Quarterly September 1997
Islamism in Lebanon: A Guide to the Groups Middle East Quarterly September 1997
Israel's South Lebanon Imbroglio Middle East Quarterly June 1997
Liberating Lebanon Middle East Quarterly December 1996
If Lebanon Fails, So Does the Middle East Middle East Quarterly December 1995
Lebanon: Israel's True Partner? Middle East Quarterly June 1995
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Why Lebanon Matters MEF Wire May 23, 2011
What's at Stake for the West in Lebanon? MEF Wire March 6, 2008
The Syrian Occupation of Lebanon MEF Wire May 13, 2003
The Threat Posed by Hezbollah MEF Wire November 26, 2002
Lebanon and Syria in a New Era MEF Wire June 15, 2000