Islamist Money in Politics

Donor Name: Javeed Akhter

Affiliation: Former Chicago Chapter Contact, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

Donations History

Date Recipient Name Amount Recipient's Party Office Sought State Confidence
2000-11-02 Bobby Rush $250 Democratic U.S. House IL High
2000-11-07 Tom Campbell $1000 Republican U.S. Senate CA High
2002-06-02 Cynthia McKinney $500 Democratic U.S. House GA High
2002-06-26 Earl Hilliard $500 Democratic U.S. House AL High
2011-09-29 Barack Obama $500 Democratic President N/A High
2016-07-21 Hillary Rodham Clinton $2700 Democratic President N/A High
2018-09-30 Sean Casten $500 Democratic U.S. House IL High
1998-10-22 Lee Daniels $250 Republican State House IL High
2002-11-07 Joseph Birkett $200 Republican Attorney General IL High

Total amount of donations listed above: $6,400

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