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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
The Islamist Role in the 2008 Canadian Elections American Thinker November 8, 2008
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
M-103 won't build a more united Canada. It will turn Canadians against each other National Post February 22, 2017
When Hate is Promoted by Religious Leaders, Why Blame the Followers? Gatestone Institute June 27, 2016
Muslim Reform Movement Gatestone Institute December 6, 2015
Ban niqab, burka in all public places Toronto Sun September 15, 2015
'Muslim-only' enclaves: lead to integration or ghettoization? Canadian Jewish News March 14, 2014
The Real Agenda Behind the Push for "Islamophobia" Gatestone Institute February 25, 2014
Canada: CAIR-CAN, The NCCM and "The Islamic Victimhood Narrative" Gatestone Institute February 4, 2014
Competing Human Rights in Canada Gatestone Institute January 16, 2014
Combating political Islam Ynet June 6, 2013
A Muslim Reformer Calls Out the Feminists FrontPage Magazine March 15, 2011
A Muslim Reformer vs. Tariq Ramadan FrontPage Magazine March 14, 2011
A Muslim Reformer vs. the Ground Zero Mosque FrontPage Magazine March 11, 2011
Merry Christmas From a Very Merry Muslim FrontPage Magazine December 24, 2010
Raheel Raza vs. Tariq Ramadan FrontPage Magazine September 24, 2010
A Badge of Muslim Courage: Raheel Raza FrontPage Magazine September 20, 2010
Mischief in Manhattan Ottawa Citizen August 7, 2010
Moderate Muslims struggle to make their voices heard Vancouver Sun August 28, 2008