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Articles by Islamist Watch
Title Publication Date
Obama Used To Insist That Right Wing Extremism Was More Dangerous Than Islamism - Not Anymore Independent Journal Review August 29, 2016
Can Politically Correct Puppetry Win the War on Islamic Extremism? Independent Journal Review February 24, 2016
Lessons From Al Capone On Countering Islamist Violence The Daily Caller February 15, 2016
DHS and the Dearborn Muslim Community: A Relationship on the Rocks? American Thinker February 2, 2016
Facebook on Incitement Against Muslims and Jews The Daily Caller January 28, 2016
Islam in British Prisons American Thinker November 3, 2015
How Much Does the U.S. Government Still Deal with CAIR? American Thinker October 30, 2015
What's the Goal of DOJ's Strong Cities Network? American Thinker October 8, 2015
Unequal Justice: UK Favouring Muslims Over Non-Muslims In Court Breitbart London October 8, 2015
Federal Government Subsidizes Halal Food in Public Schools PJ Media August 28, 2015
Is Falsely Claiming Food Is Halal a Federal Crime? American Thinker July 15, 2015
Does CAIR Represent Boston's Muslim Community? PJ Media June 14, 2015
Hate Crimes Against Jews and Muslims in the UK Breitbart May 15, 2015
Some Rights Causes Are More Equal Than Others Pajamas Media November 9, 2010
NYT and WaPo: Muhammad Is the Prophet of God American Thinker March 8, 2010
Nonviolent Islamism in the News
Title Publication Date
Philly Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One American Thinker June 22, 2018
France Working to De-Radicalize Its Mosques Gatestone Institute August 10, 2016
Islamist Watch Blog
Title Publication Date
Labour's Mense Horribilis: Islamist Chickens Home to Roost Islamist Watch Blog February 26, 2016
Radicalized Prisoners: First Do No Harm Islamist Watch Blog February 14, 2016
Muslims Disproportionately Found Among Dangerous Prisoners in UK Islamist Watch Blog January 28, 2016
Has the U.S. Government Finished Investigating CAIR for Terror Ties? Islamist Watch Blog December 21, 2015
Meditations on Last Month's Short-Lived Prison Pork Ban Islamist Watch Blog November 5, 2015
UK Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes: A Category of Their Own Islamist Watch Blog October 17, 2015
Carson on Muslims and Islam(ism) Islamist Watch Blog October 2, 2015
Scotland Yard: Hate Crime Equals Anti-Muslim Crime Islamist Watch Blog September 8, 2015
Halal School Lunches: Back-to-School Special Islamist Watch Blog August 31, 2015
Islam in Prison Islamist Watch Blog August 30, 2015
CAIR Fixes its Chapter Links Islamist Watch Blog August 7, 2015
Another Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group Tries to Divert Attention From Islamist Violence Islamist Watch Blog August 3, 2015
UK Hate Crimes Against Jews and Muslims Islamist Watch Blog July 31, 2015
Halal or Not Halal? Islamist Watch Blog July 24, 2015
"Reclaim Australia" Demonstrations and Counter-Demonstrations Islamist Watch Blog July 20, 2015
Federal Prosecution for Mislabeling Meat as Halal & Other Matters Islamist Watch Blog July 17, 2015
Are Parts of Michigan Governed by Shari'a Law? Islamist Watch Blog July 9, 2015
Look Who's Back! The Return of CAIR Massachusetts Islamist Watch Blog July 7, 2015
The Supreme Court and Marriage Equality: Is Polygamy Next? Islamist Watch Blog July 6, 2015
When Did Carmen Ortiz Become an Islamic Religious Authority? Islamist Watch Blog June 25, 2015
How Much Popular Support Does CAIR Have Among American Muslims? Islamist Watch Blog June 17, 2015
NY Times on Protecting the "Image" of Islam Islamist Watch Blog June 16, 2015
"Why Are There So Few Forced Marriage Prosecutions?" Asks BBC News Islamist Watch Blog June 10, 2015
NYT: The Positive Side of Ritual Modesty, Part II Islamist Watch Blog June 8, 2015
Free Exercise of Religion, American Style Islamist Watch Blog June 1, 2015
NYT: The Positive Side of Ritual Modesty Islamist Watch Blog May 27, 2015