Writings by Hesham Shehab

Counter-Islamist Grid
Title Publication Date
Islamist Mosque Flourishes in Christianity's Evangelical Heartland One News Now February 25, 2021
Islamists Appropriate Black Lives Matter Movement, Despite History of Anti-Black Bigotry JNS July 2, 2020
Muslim Congress: America Is Israel's Puppet; Jewish State Will Be Annihilated after 20 Years The Iconoclast (New English Review) June 27, 2020
Palestinian-American Congressional Candidate Loses Big in Illinois' 'Little Palestine' District XPian News May 28, 2020
Islamist Hate Preacher Warns Muslims to Arm Themselves Amid Coronavirus Threats JNS April 28, 2020
Netflix Caves to Islamists, Cancels Program American Thinker April 26, 2020
American Islamists Remain Silent on Armenian Genocide American Spectator April 24, 2020
A Tale of Two Terror-Linked Families American Thinker March 4, 2020
Islamist Groups Make Inroads in Local American Politics American Thinker February 7, 2020
Hijab Day Normalizes Muslim Women's Oppression American Thinker February 5, 2020
Islamist Groups Making Inroads into Local Politics in America The American Thinker January 28, 2020
Illinois' Islamist Turkish Connection American Thinker January 27, 2020
American Muslims for Palestine Convention Dominated by Conspiracy Theories and Antisemitism Behind Closed Doors Illinois Review December 20, 2019
Terror-Tied Charity Promoter Promotes Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories at Radical Chicago Mosque Xpian News December 9, 2019
CAIR-Backed Chicago Islamist Activist-Turned-Politician on the Rise PJ Media November 25, 2019
Chicago Islamist Mosque Attracts Extremist Speakers and Local Politicians The American Thinker October 7, 2019
Hate Preachers Fundraised for Chicago Islamic Charity with Terror Ties September 27, 2019
The Founders of a New Chicago Islamist College have a Radical History September 16, 2019
Speaking Tour by Palestinian Youth 'Journalist' Exposes Chicago-Based Islamists The American Thinker September 4, 2019
Chicago-Area Congressional Candidate: Palestine Is Home, Jews "Stole Our Culture" The American Thinker August 12, 2019
Chicago Islamist: Israel is a Dagger Planted by the West Xpian News August 8, 2019
Chicago Islamist Leader Invokes Hamas, Islamic Jihad During Morsi Memorial Service American Spectator July 11, 2019
Chicago Imam Blames Israel, Promotes Martyrdom, after Death of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader The American Thinker June 25, 2019
CIG Responds to Chicago Tribune pro-Hijab propaganda The American Thinker June 12, 2019
Fired CNN contributor raising funds for anti-Israel Palestinian pastor in Chicago The American Thinker May 11, 2019
Chicago-based Imam's Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Ignored by Media and Officials The American Thinker May 2, 2019
"Anti-Hate" Organization with Ties to Deported Terrorist Targets Chicago-Area Town leader The American Thinker April 26, 2019
CIG Counters Anti-Israel Propaganda Pushed by Islamist Mosque The Fairfax Times April 12, 2019
Marc Lamont Hill to Speak at Fundraiser for Group Whose Leaders Aided Hamas February 25, 2019
Orland Park Imam Spreading Antisemitism in Online Lecture January 17, 2019
Progressive-Islamist Cooperation Is "alliance with enemies" says Virginia Islamist Activist December 12, 2018