New figures released by the German Interior Ministry at the request of a Free Democratic Party (FDP) MP show that the regional governments have only deported 10 foreign radical Islamic extremists while 745 extremists in total still remain in the country.

The figures come after a parliamentary request from FDP politician Konstantin Kuhle and show a lack of ability at German regional governments to deport large numbers of dangerous Islamic extremists. The 745 extremists on the list are considered by the government to be under reasonable suspicion of wanting to carry out acts of terrorism Neue Ruhr Zeitung reports.

Mr Kuhle said in response to the government’s answer that there was a clear “enforcement problem” and singled out the region of Bavaria, which is ruled by the conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union, an ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, saying, “It is significant that of all [the regions] the CSU-governed Bavaria so far has carried out no such risk diversion.”

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