More than EUR 106,000  has been collectively raised online to help free Tariq Ramadan. Launched on CotizUp platform, this prize pool aims to help the Islamist scholar, who "is confronted with several cases whose battle will be long and costly."

Organized by the "For the Liberation of Tariq Ramadan," Facebook page,  the initiative has already raised more than EUR 106,000, far exceeding the EUR 90,000 target. Between "Legal proceedings, attorneys' fees, appraisals and counter-appraisals (...) the battle will be costly," said the group, adding that the money will go to Ramadan's trial.

French police arrested Tariq Ramadan on January 31, after two women filed complaints accusing him of rape in 2017. The police continue to hold him as "part of a preliminary inquiry" into the rape and assault allegations.

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