My name is Magdi Khalil, I am an American citizen and a resident of Virginia. My Facebook page can be found here.


1.    In August 2016, I called for a peaceful march in front of the White House in defense of oppressed Christians in Egypt. Following that announcement, my account was hacked (the hackers may have had some connection to the Egyptian Intelligence Agency). The hackers took control of my Facebook page, through my private email, removed my personal picture and switched it for that of an Islamic extremist, and posted a warning for people to refrain from joining the march claiming that ISIS will blow up the demonstrators. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation was informed for security purposes, and Facebook Administration was contacted regarding this issue, until finally the page was restored ten days later.

2.    On November 24, 2017, I posted an article on Facebook calling for religious reform in the Middle East. The article was deleted, and Facebook Administration did not allow me to post for several days, despite the fact that this was an opinion article, and absolutely did not include any call for hatred or violence.

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