As France picks its next president on Sunday, National Front nominee Marine Le Pen, 48, enjoys significant support among an unlikely population: gay voters.

According to a survey released Wednesday by Hornet, a gay social network, 36.5 percent back Le Pen, while 63.5 percent favor former Socialist Party member and reputed centrist Emmanuel Macron, 39. Among Hornet's younger subscribers, 43.5 percent of 18-to-29-year-olds want Le Pen — and fully 49 percent of those age 25.

While Le Pen surely would appreciate even higher numbers, pundits are surprised that the so-called far-right candidate does this well with typically left-leaning voters. Why? Le Pen's previously hostile party now welcomes gays, and militant-Islamic attacks inside and outside of France have ushered gays into Le Pen's largely open arms.

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