There was something depressingly familiar about arriving at work at 1am last Sunday to confront the aftermath of yet another terrorist attack — this time one conducted by three barbaric Islamists who murdered eight people and injured 48 others at London Bridge.

Terrifyingly, it is the third Islamist-inspired incident in as many months.

As my colleagues and I worked on developing an action plan to mitigate further atrocities, it dawned on me that Britain's Muslim communities — to which I belong — have failed in combating extremism.

Last week I retired at the age of 50 from a 31-year career in the police force. However, over the past few years I have increasingly seen how well-intentioned Muslim leaders have been reluctant to tackle properly the silent killer that is Islamist extremism — the ideology that underpins terrorism, as well as promoting misogyny, hatred for democracy and intolerance of other faiths.

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