UKIP officials could exclude an anti-Islam campaigner from the party's leadership ballot on the basis that she would fail to meet the standards set out in the party's code of conduct, two party sources have told BuzzFeed News.

Anne Marie Waters, who has described Islam as "evil" and is backed by former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson and Islamophobic Dutch politician Geert Wilders, was banned from standing for UKIP in June's general election amid concerns about how her views would reflect on the party.

Despite this, she has launched a bid to take over as leader following Paul Nuttall's departure after the party's dreadful general election result. Her campaign is allegedly backed by an influx of new far-right members, prompting fears among UKIP officials and many of the party's elected politicians that she could send the already Eurosceptic anti-immigration party in a more extreme direction.

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