A new political party has been formed in Austria consisting of men and women from a Turkish migrant background, but the organisers insist the party isn't purely Turkish or Islamic.

The new party, called the "New Movement for the Future" (NBZ) was formed on 1 January this year in the Austrian region of Voralburg. Chairman Adnan Dincer, himself a migrant from Turkey, has told Austrian media that the party is currently looking at building up its internal structure so that it can field candidates in both local and national elections, Austria's Kurier reports.

According to Mr. Dincer, the NBZ is not an Islamic party or a Turkish party, but claims it is a centre-right Austrian party that will be aiming to represent migrant issues and call themselves "a party for the forgotten". In regard to the role of Islam in the party, which is largely made up of Turkish Muslims, Dincer said "religion is religion, politics is politics".

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