Sunday's New York March for Racial Justice was devoted to improving race relations, combating mass incarceration and police brutality, and promoting the value of diversity in politics and society. Nevertheless, Linda Sarsour used it as an opportunity to demonize Zionists. In so doing, Sarsour not only alienated a group of Jews anxious to be part of the fight for racial justice; she also perpetuated the very forms of exclusion she claims to be fighting in her own community.

"We will not be intimidated by right-wing Zionists," Sarsour declared — before excoriating white supremacists or racists. She also implied that the presence of Zionists made her feel endangered, according to reports from Sunday's march. "There are instances of things that happened to me at this space that made me feel unsafe," she said, according to Haaretz, which some took as being directed towards the contingent from Zioness, a group that, according to its Twitter bio, "stands in solidarity with those who seek social justice while promoting self-determination for the Jewish people."

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