At the UTA Theater presentation of 'The Secret Life of Muslims,' which has taken on greater relevance in the Trump era, CNN's Reza Aslan said, "All of us, I think, are looking at this sort of crisis of identity that has gripped this country [with] the pathological-lying narcissistic sociopath in the White House, and wondering what can we do about it?"

Creator and executive producer Joshua Seftel was inspired to make his award-winning digital series The Secret Life of Muslims about five years ago, but it wasn't until a "certain particular presidential candidate started to speak about Muslims" that Seftel was able to get funding for his project.

"I came across a statistic which said that more than half of Americans have an unfavorable view of Muslims," said Seftel at a post-screening panel at the United Talent Agency theater of the genesis of The Secret Life of Muslims. "That just immediately sent me back to my own childhood in upstate New York as a Jew growing up there and being discriminated against."

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