Sometime during the night of February 1, the Sacramento Bee reported, "someone spray painted anti-Muslim graffiti on the walls of the Tarbiya Institute" in nearby Roseville, and "police are investigating the vandalism as a hate crime." In a statement, the Institute said "we at Tarbiya believe that this incident is a microcosm of a sinister spirit that has been perpetuating our country, and sponsored by people in power. This spirit emboldens some who are full of hate to actually take action."

The story also noted another recent "hate crime" at the Islamic Center in Davis, where "windowpanes were smashed, bicycle tires were sliced and strips of uncooked bacon were placed on an exterior door handle of the center." Last December, this mosque received a threatening letter "identical to one sent to numerous mosques around the country." The note was from a group calling itself Americans for a Better Way, addressed to "the children of Satan," and referenced Donald Trump by saying "there's a new sheriff in town," therefore Muslims' "day of reckoning has arrived."

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