According to the group's website, "Citizens' Crime Watch is a nonprofit county-wide crime prevention program funded by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners, grants and donations." This would sound, to anyone, like a very noble and civic-minded undertaking. That is until he/she finds out about Sofian Zakkout, the pro-terror anti-Semite who sits on the Citizens' Crime Watch Executive Committee, a position he has exploited for years.

Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout is the founder and President of the Miami, Florida-based American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA). In July 2014, AMANA was the main sponsor of a pro-Hamas rally held outside the Israeli Consulate in Downtown Miami.

It is not out of the ordinary for Zakkout to be involved in such a thing, as he regularly posts, onto the internet, photos and videos of Hamas militants and leaders and has, himself, stated in Arabic that "Hamas is in my heart and on my head." At the rally, Zakkout is shown on video smiling, as a sea of his followers repeatedly scream, "We are Hamas."

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