Social media users are using provocative videos to protest the appearance of halal meat at supermarkets in Germany. They call their campaign civil disobedience; critics call it sanctimonious and Islamophobic.

"The nationwide Halal Challenge has begun," a Facebook page recently announced. The stunt follows on the Ice Bucket Challenge, an Internet trend that got thousands of people to pour gallons of near-freezing water over their heads to somehow draw attention to ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

Generating attention is likewise the aim of the Halal Challenge, though this time it is not for an incurable disease but instead for the animals who are slaughtered according to the Islamic halal code. "Put pork on the #halalcounter and film it," the challenge instructs. "Then post the video in your Facebook timeline, on Instagram or on YouTube or wherever; then nominate your friend to participate next!"

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