According to a fawning write-up in the New York Times, Roula Allouch of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is worried about "Islamophobia" in airports because, she claims, people sometimes give her "a hard, strong stare and a stern look."

Horror of horrors! People give me "a hard, strong stare and a stern look" in airports all the time; I've always thought that it was because they weren't thinking about me at all, but were preoccupied with making their flight and other pressing matters. But Roula Allouch appears sure that everyone who doesn't give her a cheery grin is an "Islamophobe" who quietly disapproves of her hijab, and of course, she knows better.

Allouch elaborates: "Our main concerns during this time of heightened Islamophobia are mosque attacks, bullying against students and traveling — they're equally discussed. More and more people are being deplaned because they're Muslim. For instance, one student was asked to leave a flight because he was speaking Arabic. What seems to be happening frequently is if another passenger on the plane has a complaint, the person they're complaining about is asked to deboard. We're a country that operates with civil rights. It's very arbitrary and very troubling."

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