Mohamad al-Halabi, a.k.a. Mohamad al-Fouani, the imam of the American Islamic Center of Florida, may operate out of Pompano Beach, Florida, however a good part of his life still resides in the Middle East, including his associations with the terrorist organization Hezbollah. In November, al-Halabi left the shores of the United States to travel to his native home of Syria. While there, he visited family, but were they his Hezbollah family?

Recently the American Islamic Center of Florida or AICF moved from Boca Raton, where it had been a part of the community since 2003, to its new location in Pompano Beach. It seems the move has also prompted Mohamad al-Halabi, the Shiite mosque's imam, to go by another name, that being Mohamad al-Fouani.

For the mosque and the imam it is a new beginning, though it is not enough to shake al-Halabi's – or al-Fouani's – radical past, no matter how much he attempts to conceal his identity from law enforcement or others.

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