A 24-year-old Swiss language student has become a minor celebrity after leading a village revolt against a controversial policy to keep her commune free of new asylum seekers by paying a charge.

On Friday, voters in Oberwil-Lieli in canton Aargau rejected a proposal to pay a CHF290,000 ($280,000) charge instead of taking in asylum seekers. The community will instead accept six migrants following a protest and a feisty council meeting.

Andreas Glarner, a parliamentarian of the conservative right People's Party, had gone on television to extol the virtues of his plan to keep Oberwil-Lieli free of new asylum seekers. Like many other communities, Oberwil-Lieli wanted to pay a fee to escape its obligation to take in new migrants. But Glarner also talked about tearing down empty buildings to make sure there would be no space to house them in the village.

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