As he did after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo in January, Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has once again taken a firm stance after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The Mayor believes that ISIS has to be "eradicated root and branch". He calls on Muslims to speak out against the violence and on Dutch society to be more inclusive towards Muslims.

The Mayor said all this in an interview with Dutch newspaper AD on Monday.

"We can not let these barbaric acts pass. It's not about revenge, but ISIS will not back off, ISIS will not negotiate. The democratic process is foreign to them. There is no talking to them," Aboutaleb said to the newspaper. On the question on whether the Netherlands needs to go to war, the mayor answered that we are already at war. "Aren't we already bombing ISIS? I am not a military strategist, so do not ask me how, but the smart military heads must come together. It is inevitable to bring stability to the world."

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