On last Sunday's Meet the Press, a panel that included host Chuck Todd, New York Times pundit David Brooks, NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, and BBC World News America anchor Katy Kay weighed in on President Obama's despicable moral equivalence regarding his comments about ISIS and the Christian Crusaders of the Middle Ages.

You will recall that, in response to ISIS' ghastly immolation of their Jordanian pilot captive, Obama lectured Americans in his speech for the National Prayer Breakfast, speaking at length about national humility and urging us to "get off our high horse." After all, he pointed out, atrocities were once committed in the name of Christ as well, during the Crusades and the Inquisition. So ISIS' Islamic barbarity "is not unique to one group or one religion," he claimed. Dumbfounded Americans expressed outrage and disbelief.

But not David Brooks. "I'm totally pro-Obama on this," he said. "I think he said the right thing." Brooks said Obama was preaching "a gospel of humility," which "people in Washington, pundits, and religious believers" all need to hear. "I happen to be all three of those things. And so we're told to, we're told to walk humbly in the path of the Lord. The Lord's ways are mysterious and so you're saying we're prone to zealotry… we're fallen. And so to underline that, that's useful in Washington today, that's useful always."

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