Almost two years ago (March 27, 2014) a Front Page Magazine article by this writer asked the question, 'Is France Safe for Jews?' The answer today, more than ever is a decisive no. Immediately following the murder of Rabbi Yonatan Sandler (30), his two small children, Aryeh 3 and Gavriel 6, as well as Miriam Monsonego, 8, outside the Ozer Ha'Torah School in Toulouse, France, the French government of President Nicolas Sarkozy was determined to "fight" the anti-Semitic terror emanating from Muslim Jihadists. Sarkozy declared "We shall not back down in the face of terror," as he went about announcing a minute of silence in all French schools. Sarkozy said, "You cannot murder children like this on the territory of the Republic without being held accountable. Today is a day of national tragedy."

Sarkozy, on the eve of the 2012 French presidential elections, declared that he was putting the southwestern Midi-Pyrenees region (where Toulouse is located) on its highest alert level, and promised that "This odious act cannot remain unpunished. All means, absolutely all means available, will be committed to neutralize this criminal." François Hollande, who subsequently won the presidential election under the banner of his Socialist Party called for France to unite after the shooting. He pledged, "We must do everything to ensure that acts of anti-Semitism or racism are met with a firm and common response from the whole Republic."

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