Emerge USA, despite its patriotic-sounding name, is a radical Muslim organization seeking to make inroads in America's political system by enticing unknowing politicians with a 'Muslim vote.' Because of its extremist nature, the group involves itself with those who curse the US, Israel, Jews, Christians, and other Muslims. Emerge also involves itself with those who harbor animosity towards homosexuals. How ironic then to find out that one of Emerge USA's staffers is openly gay and, stranger still, was a contact for a mosque event hosted by an anti-gay imam.

The main individual behind Emerge USA is its Co-Chairman Khurrum Wahid. Wahid is a South Florida attorney who has built his name on representing high profile terrorists. This includes members of al-Qaeda and financiers of the Taliban. Wahid previously served as a legal advisor for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Hamas-related group that was recently named a terrorist organization by the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the Miami New Times, Wahid himself was placed on a federal terrorist watch list in 2011.

Emerge tends to attract a number of anti-Israel activists.

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