America was not the only country last week where Islamic terrorists targeted military personnel for death. While five American servicemen in Chattanooga tragically lost their lives to the worldwide jihad, France was fortunately able to break up a plot to attack a minor military installation and behead the commander before it could be carried out.

Three jihadists, all residents of France, were arrested. One, Ishamel K., 17, was from the "banlieue" (ghetto) of Valenciennes. The other two were Djebril A., 23, and Antoine F., 19, a convert to Islam. A fourth suspect, a 16-year old, was arrested and released. No last names were provided at this point in time in accordance with French law.

The jihadists' intended target was the French naval signal installation, Fort Bear, in the Pyrenees Mountains in southwestern France, close to the Mediterranean coast. It oversees the sea approaches to the French coast and apparently is one of a chain of such outposts.

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