The "Trojan Horse" scandal, in which extremist Muslims were trying to take over taxpayer-funded schools in Birmingham and other English cities, has shocked the British public who were unaware that there were schools in the UK where, for instance, all white women were described as "prostitutes" and anti-Christian chants were encouraged in morning assemblies. But whenever a story like this breaks, it should always remind us of the other stories as well: the Trojan Horse scandals that we do not hear about.

Just such a case is going on in East London at this moment. There, a campaign by locals has been ongoing for many years to try to prevent a "mega-mosque" from being created by the Tablighi Jamaat sect. Locals -- including many Muslims -- in Newham, East London, realize not only that the construction of this vast mosque (intended to house around 9,000 worshippers) is meant to be a statement of dominance, but that it is a statement from a group that is highly sectarian and divisive in its outlook towards other Muslims as well as non-Muslims. The progress of the building project has been stalled many times before and it appears to be stalled again -- not least thanks to the effort of a principled former councillor of the area, Alan Craig.

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