Dr. Mark Christian is the President and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute (GFI), a Christian organization based in Omaha, Nebraska dedicated to "the proclamation and pursuit of truth as it relates Middle Eastern history and current happenings." Dr. Christian, an Egyptian-born Christian convert from Islam related to high-ranking leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, is now engaged in a battle to root out the Brotherhood influence in what is called the Tri-Faith Initiative, a building project in Omaha.

The Tri-Faith Initiative was begun to build a center comprised of Temple Israel, a new Episcopal church, and a mosque the American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture in West Omaha, forming "a multi-faith neighborhood of collaboration." Their "vision is to build bridges of Respect, Trust and Acceptance, to challenge stereotypes of each other, to learn from one another, and to counter the influence of extremists and agents of hate." But as a GFI statement reads, "the mosque – and those behind it – have distinct ties to groups previously named as 'unindicted co-conspirators' in the trial of the Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorist funding investigation in our nation's history."

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