I met lovely Mona Walter at a press conference in the Danish parliament a short time ago. A Swedish Ayaan Hirsi Ali in her own way. Being a convert in Islamized Sweden and even speaking out publicly about it and against Islam is exceedingly brave. Via 10news.dk, translated from Uriasposten:

She lives in Gothenburg and came to Sweden from Somalia at age 20 in 1994 … Immediately after her arrival, Mona Walter – that is her name – was visited by local imams, who explained to the young woman that she had cover her body and visit the the mosque more often. There, she heard how the learned men preached hatred of Swedish society and holy war against the infidels. She was disappointed and angry. She wanted to be a Swede, she wanted to be integrated, and she married an ethnic Swede and broke out of the ghetto and converted to Christianity. But today she fears for her daughters' future. Not in Somalia, but in Sweden.

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