District Judge William Martini of New Jersey has dismissed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department for its intelligence-gathering in the state. The development is another vindication for the NYPD as it faces a campaign of misinformation from Islamists and their allies aimed at smearing the department's anti-terrorism efforts.

The plaintiffs include a Muslim Brotherhood-founded group named the Muslim Students Association. Another is the Muslim Foundation, which has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from an Iranian regime front. They argue that the NYPD should pay them for damages resulting from its intelligence-gathering on them.

However, according to the judge, the only reason these plaintiffs can allege that they are suffering is because the Associated Press detailed the NYPD operations to the public. If they wanted to sue someone, they should have sued the Associated Press -- but they aren't, because the lawsuit isn't really about damages. It's about bashing the NYPD.

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