The media, the NFL and the New York Jets organization can no longer overlook the problem that is Jets player Oday Aboushi. People can argue that he has the right to have pride in his family's heritage or even that he has the right to voice his opinion against Israel, albeit in a town that has a huge Jewish population. But it is quite another thing for those to look the other way if Aboushi chooses to speak in front of a group labeled terrorist, which is exactly what he did earlier this year, when he delivered a speech to the Muslim American Society (MAS).

Since coming to the New York Jets as a fifth round draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Oday Aboushi has been very public in his stance against the nation of Israel. On a number of occasions, he has used social media to demean and denounce the Jewish state.

His latest set of infractions happened this past July, when Israel's military entered Gaza in response to thousands of rockets being fired into Israel by Hamas. Aboushi took the opportunity to bash Israel on Twitter. One of his messages could not have been clearer: "#SHAMEONYOUISRAEL."

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