The Hague's Mayor Jozias van Aartsen is staunchly against having any pro- or anti-ISIS demonstrations in any of the city's neighborhoods for the time being. For the Mayor, blocking even the smallest chance of "chaos" means that "the next two months at least" may see no hint of protests in residential areas. Van Aartsen made this clear to the municipal council on Wednesday, De Telegraaf reports.

This does not mean that there will be no protests whatsoever. The Malieveld, the Lange Voorhout, the Plein and the Spuiplein are all locations that have seen protests and demonstrations before, but the Mayor will not put into words what he would deem "suitable" locations, only saying that protesters will have to move to other locations.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office says that "there are many available locations, this is reviewed per demonstration and in negotiation with the organizers." The point is that residential areas may not be used for a rally.

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