The faction president of the Party for Unity (PvdE) in The Hague has uttered support for the extremist grouping ISIS on his Facebook page. This pro-ISIS stance from Abdoe Khoulani is causing some discomfort in Parliament, and seems to add to the growing debate about current ISIS demonstrations reportedly being planned in The Netherlands.

"Long live Isis" Khoulani writes. "And insha'Allah on to Baghdad to fight the riff-raff there." According to Trouw, this message was written by the politician in response to the announcement that a pro-ISIS demonstration in The Hague would no longer take place.

The demonstration in question was reportedly planned to happen in the Iraqi embassy in The Hague. The organizers told mayor Jozias van Aartsen in The Hague that they never wanted to demonstrate for ISIS in the first place, after the rumored event received a lot of resistance in the city. ChristenUnie wanted to ban demonstrating for the extremist grouping altogether, but Minister Frans Timmermans of Foreign Affairs reminded them of the right to demonstrate in The Netherlands.

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