The late Mary Daly, a militant feminist, was a long-time academic at Jesuit-run Boston College. She was a revered icon in the feminist movement, but largely unknown to the general public until, in the 1990s, a male student initiated a lawsuit against Boston for Daly's attempt to exclude males from a Womens Studies course. Daly would not back down, the plaintiff was successful in his suit, and Daly "retired" as a result.

This was of course the correct outcome to that case. How can any tax-funded institution of higher learning exclude any student from a course on the basis of his sex? But if we can agree on that – and I am sure all reasonable people do – then how is it that in 2014, 20 years on and, one would assume 20 years more enlightened on equality issues, a Canadian college finds it acceptable that a professor is excluding a student on the basis of his religion?

Here is the back story as told to me in an interview with Moray Watson.

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