For the despicable protectors of political correctness and multiculturalism, the systematic sexual abuse of 1,400 girls over the course of a decade and a half — including some as young as 11 years of age — was the lesser of two evils that occurred in Rotherham, England. In a stunning testament to the bankruptcy of both ideologies, a researcher who blew the whistle on this appalling scandal more than a decade ago was sent to an "ethnic and diversity course" by child protection authorities after she revealed the ethnic identity of the abusers.

The revelation emerged in a segment of Panorama, a current-affairs program broadcast by the BBC that produced a report on the scandal. The researcher, a person from the United Kingdom's Home Office who wished to remain anonymous, explained that she began encountering victims while working at Risky Business, a youth outreach organization set up by the Council, aka the local government. "The workers in that project were the only people that those young people trusted, that they were telling the complete story to," the researcher told Panorama's Alison Holt. "And some of the stories that I heard very early on were just so graphic that I don't think I will ever forget them. I was collecting data on who the perpetrators were, what cars they were using, their grooming methods, their offending methods, and what I was also collecting, was information on professional responses."

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