Black men who are Muslims shouldn't be weak willed and feel they need to become "imitation extremist Arabs" in order to be sufficiently Muslim. Genocidal, jihadist Arab nationalism has nothing to do with the black experience in America. I note black Muslims like Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali, while vocal opponents of racism at home and abroad, never advocated crime or terrorism. Running around beheading people means we have a Negro who blew a fuse and thought he was living an overseas YouTube video.

Alton Nolen seems to be the poster boy for what can be kindly described as "confused Muslim brothers" who embrace that faith and take on an identity (and an agenda) not their own. Black Muslims in America are known for patrolling inner city streets trying to stop violence, not murdering unarmed women. I hope that black Muslims will loudly denounce Nolan for being a psychopath, instead of quietly disagreeing with his actions. When I was Muslim, it was with the clear understanding that I was an American Black man, not an Arab or an African, and thus I was not obligated to support agendas contrary to America's national security.

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