You see a lot of the types of clothing at Fashion Week that are supposed to be edgy and different and exciting, and they're often all about the same. A lot of peplums, really. A lot of torn fabric. Some harem pants. Some shoulder pads. Basically, anything your mom wore in the 80′s set to a bouncy soundtrack. But once and a great while, you come upon a show that really is different. I think, by far, the most inventive and unusual show we've been (at least in the two days fashion week has been going) was the Maison de Urbana burqa inspired collection.

For those unfamiliar, burqas are traditionally worn in Islamic countries, and they cover a woman's face and eyes. The women in Sex and the City 2 had problems with them ("it's like they don't want women to have a voice!") but they do remain a part of the culture, in spite of Carrie Bradshaw's objections. The designer behind Maison de Urbana, Urbana Chappa, says, "I'm fascinated at the way women in burqas can express so much through their eyes. It's both sexy and mysterious."

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