Recently members of the Ukrainian-based, global feminist group Femen staged protests across Europe calling for "topless jihad." While American feminists today are satisfied whipping up outrage about Mitt Romney's binders and Sandra Fluke's right to bill taxpayers for her birth control, Femen's Amazonian warriors dive right in to do battle in a real War on Women being openly waged by Muslim misogynists. Topless jihad – it puts a whole new spin on #MyJihad.

The protests in Sweden, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, and France [here are images from the demonstrations; warning – most contain nudity and/or offensive language] were in solidarity with a gutsy young Tunisian activist named Amina Tyler, who recently shocked Islamic sensibilities by posting naked images of herself online, with the words "I own my body; it's not the source of anyone's honor" penned on her bare chest.

The head of Tunisia's Orwellian-titled Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice responded to this provocation as you might expect from a violent totalitarian, calling for Tyler to be stoned to death lest her obscene actions lead to an epidemic of Muslim women casting off not just their burqas and blouses but their oppression as well.

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