Since September 11, the alliance between the Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the Western Left has become ubiquitous. It's impossible to read a paper or watch the evening news without encountering representatives of both groups delivering the familiar homilies about foreign policy, the tiny minority of Muslim extremists and the infinite Muslim moderates victimized by Islamophobia.

At first glance Karima Bennoune's Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here appears to fit seamlessly into that mold. Bennoune is a University of California professor and former Amnesty International activist writing a book billed as a tale of how moderate Muslims are resisting Islamic fundamentalism. But Bennoune's book is really something else; it's a telegram for the Western left from the forgotten Arab left.

The Western left has abandoned its Arab stepchildren. It has found it convenient to forget that all the Arab Communists, Trotskyites, Socialists and assorted intellectuals of the left ever existed.  But that did not mean that the Arab left stopped existing.

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