Just about everybody assumed religious groups would be outraged by Saturday Night Live's Quention Tarantino parody, "Djesus Uncrossed," starring this weekend's host and Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz. Thing is, just about everybody thought the sketch would offend Christian organizations. But apparently it offended at least one Islamic anti-defamation group a little more.

Playing off Quentin Tarantino's unique brand of hyper violence and revenge fantasy, Waltz played a Jesus out for revenge on the Romans who wronged him. Easter is not a pleasant holiday in this telling. The only forgiveness being offered was bloody forgiveness. It was a well done, still appropriate for TV imitation of what a Tarantino take on Jesus would look like.

The sketch certainly inspired some good ol' fashioned righteous anger from the religious right, but it also inspired an essay on the religious site Patheos entitled "Why I'm Not Outraged by Saturday Night Lives' Blasphemous Skit on 'Djesus'".

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