A TV distribution company in Europe is in touch with the producers of the Pakistani animation show for children "Burqa Avenger" to arrange its screening in 60 countries, including French-speaking nations, according to an AFP interview with the series' creator.

The plan to take this Urdu-language cartoon series on the global stage highlights the international appeal of Jiya, aka "Burqa Avenger", a mild-mannered teacher at day who turns into a superhero at night to fight local gangsters who are trying to shut down the girls' school where she works. Armed with mere books and pens, the 'caped crusader' takes on Baba Bandook, a misogynist Taliban-like villain, and Vadero Pajero, a corrupt politician trying to pocket NGO money meant to fund the local girls' school.

Jiya's adventures touched a sensitive chord in Pakistan, where almost three quarters of young girls are not enrolled in primary school, according to UN and government statistics published last year.

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