Michael Mannheimer is one of Germany's leading critics of Islam. I've mentioned him a few times here. He has his own blog and writes for the huge German anti-Islam blog, Politically Incorrect. Mainstream German journalists from Die Zeit newspaper have also alleged that he is behind the Nuremberg 2.0 website, which aims to collate information with a view to future prosecutions of members of the elite for permitting the islamisation of their countries, taking the Nuremberg trials as its model. Mannheimer himself has denied being responsible for Nuremberg 2.0.

He is due to appear in court on 24 January, charged with slander. This relates to an episode I wrote about before, in which a local politician opposed granting planning permission for a publisher to extend its premises because it had published the work of "right-wing populists". The politician claimed that having the publisher in the town made it a target for jihad terror attacks. Mannheimer wrote about this on his blog, describing the politician as "the enemy of Germany", and accusing him of attempting to dismantle the constitutional right to freedom of expression, supporting a terrorist group, endangerment of the public peace, coercion, extortion, breach of the peace and concealment of a possible terrorist attack on Germany. The politician responded by suing him for slander.

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