Norwegian Ambassador to Turkey Janis Bjorn Kanavin said on Friday that Norwegian people had good relations with Muslim people, adding, "There is no place for Islamophobia in Norway."

Speaking to AA at the Norway Sea Products Symposium in Ankara, Kanavin said cultural dialogue was vitally important, adding Norway and Turkey had always had intense cultural relations.

Referring to the cartoon crisis in Denmark, depicting Prophet Mohammad, Kanavin said, "The Islamic Council of Norway and Christian Council of Norway asked for a meeting with the editor of a Norwegian journal which published the Muhammad cartoons and tried to explain how Muslim people were assaulted because of their religion. Over the meetings for 10 days, the editor published a notice apologizing to the Muslim world. Moreover, the Islamic Council of Norway accepted the apologies of the editor and asked all the Muslims living in Norway to forgive the editor. That was very brave. We have good relations with Muslims."

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