Christianity is a world religion. In Britain, it is also a culture: the law, the national anthem, the cross of St George and most of our holidays are rooted in Christianity. Our years are numbered after the birth of Christ, and the linguist David Crystal found 257 phrases in everyday English that come from the King James Bible.

Britons speak of their Judaeo-Christian heritage: some do so with pride. But if Christianity is a culture, it is the only one we are not "sensitive" to. Think of Dominic Grieve's interview to the Telegraph: had he said that corruption was endemic in (Christian) Italy rather than (Muslim) Pakistan, no one would have raised an eyebrow. But by singling out Muslim Pakistan as corrupt, the Attorney General instantly came under attack from several Muslim grandees and has been forced to apologise. Good on the Muslim leaders, I say: why not defend their culture to the hilt? If only we Christians could follow their example and stand up for ourselves with the same conviction.

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