Questions are flying hot and heavy as to why anti-Muslim fervor is appearing now, nine years after 9/11. Observers note correctly that there was no backlash following the attacks. (The sole victim was an unfortunate Sikh, Balbir Singh Sodhi, murdered by an ignorant cowboy in Arizona. Other claimed incidents actually involve robberies and the like.) Why should the threat arise today?

There's no real mystery. The same, identical process occurred in the 1940s regarding the communists. The blame lies not with Americans in general, and not with everyday Muslims, but with incompetent and disingenuous authorities.

The 1930s were the peak decade for American communism. The party achieved a direct membership of 100,000 with several million "fellow travelers" following the communist example without joining up. Many found work with the government by way of New Deal programs with the blessing of Harry Hopkins and Rexford Tugwell.

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