November was just about done and Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host voted most likely by his own staff to have a poster of Barack Obama over his bed, was cheerfully coming to the end of his sideshow list. With the White House in the background, Matthews sneered about the "weak conspiracy" claim by Congressman Gohmert that the Obama Administration was taking advice on Middle East policy from a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood operatives.

Matthews didn't even bother trying to factually challenge the claim in any way. Savvy MSNBC viewers were expected to dismiss the idea of a secretive organization trying to influence American foreign policy … unless it was run by the Jews.

At Mother Jones, David Corn sneered at Franklin Graham for promoting the Muslim Brotherhood "conspiracy theory." But both Matthews and Corn were a little behind the times. That summer when Hillary Clinton arrived in Egypt, she was confronted by shoe-throwing protesters denouncing her for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

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